About Us

Chaminade Marianist Secondary school established in September 2019 is a catholic institution under the proprietorship of the Society of Mary (Marianist). The Society of Mary is a Roman Catholic religious congregation of brothers and priests called The Marianists or Marianist Brothers. In the tradition of our founder, Blessed William Joseph Chaminade, we use education – primary schools, secondary schools, technical schools and universities – as the primary means to raise people up and bring them to Christ. The Marianists first began serving in Eastern African (Zambia, Malawi and Kenya) in 1957. In Malawi, Chaminade Catholic Boys’ Secondary School and Miracle Technical Institute, in Karonga District of Northern Malawi, are two educational institutes under the proprietorship of Marianist brothers in the Catholic Diocese of Karonga. Chaminade Marianist Secondary school is Lilongwe archdiocese.
Chaminade Marianist secondary school teaches a variety of subjects based on the Malawian national curriculum and has competent staff

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